Tuesday, a Real Day

On an unassuming Monday night—much like last night—I was fed up with making excuses, so I went. At 110 mph Josh gripped the steering wheel with ease while the blinking neon lights of Buffalo Bill's blinded me. I had to shut my eyes quick, trying to remember the stars just beyond them. No more procrastination, no more apathy, no more excuses, just an interminable road to self-discovery in a paradise of varnished sandstone castles and views to good to be true.

Challenge by Choice

The sun radiated through the pines as my mom and I walked up a dusty trail. The smell of dried pine needles and the abundance of PCT hikers, climbers and bugs told us summer was already here. We had afternoon plans to climb our first trad/multi-pitch together—Graham Crackers, a two-pitch 5.6 in Idyllwild. We were disappointed, but not too surprised, when we saw people on it and every other 5-fun nearby.

The Mountains and the Ocean

The sea and the mountains began time together and shaped each other's peaks and depths and life within. Over time, the seas spread and the mountains rose, further from where they started and closer to where they needed to go. They were both very nervous for this big change, as it would also bring them further from each other.

Becoming Home

These walls and shelves are blank; my drawers have nothing left. I cannot help but feel the vastness of the empty surfaces in my old room. I have left 'home' many times before, in search for another, but this time it feels real. This time, I'm bringing all my belongings– and this time I feel like I belong.

High Heels and Hairy Legs

As I run down the steep Tahquitz trail, I consider how much time I will have to get down from the mountains and ready for my work banquet. Since we did that extra pitch and I have a two-hour drive before me, I will have approximately 4 minutes. Rather than elegant pink paint on my fingernails, I will still have dirt underneath them from the day's adventures. And I am excited to rock them.