Welcome to Outside is Your Best Side!

Hello, welcome sweet human!

In this wild world we live, abundant joy and pain and wonder and wellness await us each day. I love being on Earth—especially when the day includes mountains & dirt, fresh water & food, meditation & music, and other humans & sweet creatures to spend the day with.

I was drawn to wellness coaching because I love being well, exploring my own definition of “well,” and hearing how it looks and feels for others.

Nature is a brutal teacher. It doesn’t wait for us to understand it. It doesn’t go over our mistakes, give us constructive feedback, or give us an opportunity to correct them. It doesn’t tell us, “pay attention.” We must always hear, we must always see, and we must never take it for “granite.” Nature reflects our fragility, strength, and beauty—and out there, we can most authentically see and hear our true selves.

Coaching with me is a collaboration. You will create your own definitions of wellness and success. I will help your discovery. I will encourage you to look at your life through a new lens—to go outside and see who you are when you’re stripped bare: of all of the things you’ve been told you are, the things you feel like you “should” do, the weight that you’ve carried along your journey—much of which was never yours to carry, and all the stuff that you feel like you need to be happy. What’s left, is just you: strong, wonderful, and on a great adventure. 

Outside is Your Best Side was created in 2016 as a journal, to archive experiences and process nature’s great teachings. In 2020, we got our LLC status and OYBS became a wellness coaching & rock climbing single-pitch guide service.