Reconnect With Your Nature

Outside is Your Best Side helps women & girls reconnect with nature to improve their quality of life during challenging seasons of transition.

About Us


I believe every person has a perfect purpose and one-of-a-kind journey to reach it. I believe in a world where all people are in-tune with the natural rhythms within their bodies and outside in nature. I believe we can discover abundant joy and wonder on this wild adventure.

My mission is to uncover your strengths, wisdom, and vision so you can create value-centered changes to improve your quality of life. We can work together through 1:1 coaching programs, group wellness workshops, and adventure-based retreats.


Who is coaching for?

Outside Wellness coaching is for individuals in transition who are looking to create a clear vision for their life and take beautiful, value-centered steps to reach it. These seasons of transition may include adolescents, college or post-graduate students, new parents, and empty-nesters.

How does it work?

I help women & girls reconnect with nature to improve their quality of life through guiding outdoor adventures, facilitating art and writing self-discovery exercises, and with a client’s permission, providing education around evidence-based healthy living strategies.

From my training with the Mayo Clinic and the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches, I deliver a strength-based approach, grounded in counseling psychology, positive psychology, MBSR, prevention research, social work, solution-focused therapy, and motivational interviewing to help you connect with your values and strengths to overcome obstacles & create lasting change.

Coaching is not a quick-fix trend. Outside Wellness provides long-term strategies that will help you stay well far beyond our time working together.

What do we talk about?

We talk about you! We talk about your vision for the most beautiful and purposeful life you can imagine—and how to get there. We also talk about what ever is going on in your life right now. Some common focus areas may include stress management, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, your relationship with money, work-life balance, boundaries & communication, weight management, and de-cluttering.


What People Say

Coaching is about having someone in your corner and having someone listen with an open heart, Emma does this with ease and expertise. She helped to open up my wellness options and focused my efforts on creating sustainability. Her style is open, non-judgmental, insightful, and helpful.  She helped me to see and confront my obstacles, then dare to overcome and be the best possible version of myself by unlocking my passion and energy. Thanks, Emma!

Bryan I., Executive Consultant – Las Vegas, NV

Emma’s overall positive and grounded energy always made me feel cared for and understood. Emma’s grounded-ness and presence makes an impact on you, and with her traits of empathy and active listening as well as her wellness training she will be powerful part of your support system on your wellness journey. My favorite part about working with Emma is feeling inspired and motivated to do well and be a better version of myself.

Erica B., Graduate Student – Bozeman, MT


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Whether meeting for a walk or hike, seeing your strengths in action on an outdoor adventure, or getting cozy at home with a virtual session—I meet you where you are. 

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