Mumbo Jumbo

Slumped ponderously, my elbow on the desk, and my cheek on my fist. With hefty eyes, seated on a dangerously comfortable chair in a room for 270 students. Bitterly noxious perfume permeated my area from two surrounding women and one man who indulge in its application. The crunching of chips being masticated by a behemoth … More Mumbo Jumbo

Celestial Slacks

As our crags thaw out, climbers shed a few puffy layers in preparation for their warmer-weather rock projects—their native climbing pants accompanying them in both successes and failures. Since the alignment of the planets isn’t a reliable source to forecast adventures, we turned to these celestial slacks for this season’s climbing horoscopes.   Spandex Tights … More Celestial Slacks

Are We Here Yet?

A beautiful blast of cool mountain wind invades the cabin as I open the window. My lumbar spine is sore from sitting so long. I feel my stomach draping over the seatbelt from snacking all day. The hair dancing around my face tangles around itself in a big nest. Sometimes I wish we were just … More Are We Here Yet?