Nature Calling Vol. 3

“The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man” – Acts 17:24

God will always be too big to fit inside our human-made temples and idols because God exists within us. And if we are God-made, that means we are the temples of God. And this means God lives here, in us.

If we are the temples of God, that means God is in others, so we must respect ourselves and our bodies, and respect all the lives and bodies of others.

Jesus died for “all people,” which means all people are temples of the Lord—or can be temples. Some temples are filled with other things; addiction, anxiety, busyness, depression, hatred, and fear are all common ways we let our external circumstances take control of our internal environments and separate us from knowing God’s love.

But Jesus came to show us we can still be temples of love despite our humanness. He practiced and peached, love God, honor our bodies, love our neighbors. He was the one who cleansed the temple because he knew it was a holy place (Matthew 21:12-13). He loved it. He knew its potential.

The temple is here within, and we must honor it because it is our only true home on Earth (1 Corinthians 6:19). If you don’t feel like your body and mind are safe places for God to dwell, if you don’t respect his creation, if you don’t feel love for all people, regardless of where they are from or what they believe, we can ask Jesus to cleanse us. And really, he already has. We all fall short, we all are human. If was even just for one person, he would have still died for her—to make a house a home.

If we turn to man-made temples outside of ourselves for happiness, we will eventually find emptiness. It’s in ourselves, others, and nature where we can find God alive. When God is felt within, God is also seen all around. The environments outside us always change—it’s inside where we can find a safe place and provide a safe place for others.

3 thoughts on “Nature Calling Vol. 3

  1. Emma, Grandpa and I read over your blog this morning during devotions and he was also very impressed and Blest. God is answering our Prayers and you and Bernard are a Blessing. LOVE YOU! GG NORDS


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