About Us

First, there were the Heavens and the Earth, the sky and the sea, and all the creatures within the still silence of ordered chaos. When we came—whether in 2.7 billion years or six days—what matters is that we are here now, discovering our place between the world that created us and the world we’ve created.

How do we nurture this world for future generations? By nurturing what we have—nature, ourselves, and others. Perhaps, we can get reacquainted with the innocent and primordial selves within by playing hard, living in wonder, and sharing our stories.

Out here, we stir, trying to calm the chaos inside of ourselves. And while we don’t claim to play outside will save the world, the wonder we find in nature nurtures us and gives us inspiration for our short time here. So let us appreciate the simple elements of life and enjoy them together.

– B & E Capulong