Mountain Girls

AMGA Rock Guide Course 2021 I stare at the worn spines of adventure classics, many of them required reading in my youth. Verne, London, Thoreau, Tolkien, Krakauer, and Abbey stare back at me. I was entranced with nature and adventure from a young age; not until recently did I see myself as a guide, worthyContinue reading “Mountain Girls”

Re-Learning Rest

Finding Sustainable Self Care & Taking a Break From Your To-Do List “I need to get it all done today.” Conditioning from all the years in public education, from familial expectations, from this inner-critic, weighs on me heavily. These words have been conditioned in myself and so many others. We may feel like there’s soContinue reading “Re-Learning Rest”


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A mix of wellness tips, meditations, journal prompts, poetry, adventure stories, and special events.

On Belay?

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