Coaching Packages & Pricing

Since a big part of the coaching process is meeting you where you are in your wellness journey and ability, all coaching sessions may be on the phone, video-call, or outside and in-person depending on your comfort level and preference. We can even meet up for a walk, hike, or trail-run!

30-Minute Discovery Session — $50 $0
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A consultation is designed to clarify where you are in your health and wellness journey, explore the areas of your life you’d like to see growth in, and peek into the coaching process.

Alpine Start: 2 Months (8 Weeks) Private 1:1 Coaching — $1,000
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The Alpine Start will help you to: 

  • Identify your strengths, values, purpose, and priorities.
  • Clarify a vision of yourself at your best.
  • Set enjoyable goals using evidence-based motivational strategies

Alpine Start is for you if:
You need a plan for living well that’s built on your values, strengths, and unique experiences
You have a vision and need help manifesting your idea into reality
You have a recent health or wellness experience that you’d like support in integrating into your every day life
You have worked with a coach previously
You want to start creating lasting wellness

Ascend: 3 Months (12 Weeks) Private 1:1 Coaching — $1,500
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This individualized program includes twelve 60-minute private coaching sessions, two 30-minute follow-up sessions, and phone support in between sessions for three consecutive months to help you along each step of your journey to better health and sustained wellness.

This program follows each of the Mayo Clinic’s Coaching Principles:

  • Engage: Build collaborative, empowering relationships
  • Explore: Help you identify and explore your strengths, values, and motivation
  • Envision: Facilitate an intrinsically-motivated vision for success
  • Experiment: Support you as you transform your values, strengths, and vision into action
  • Evolve: Provide accountability for lasting change

Ascend is for you if…
You want to break down barriers and build up confidence to live your most authentic life
You know what “should” do for your wellbeing, but are struggling to find joy in the process
You find that you keep falling back into old habits
You need help sorting through your priorities
You thrive when you have extra support and accountability
You long to feel that you’re living the life you were created for
You want to learn how to be well and stay well

If you have any financial barriers to coaching with Outside Wellness, or have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, we have sponsorship opportunities and monthly payment plans. Please let me know in our consultation appointment if this applies to you.

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